Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Storm, Ziggy, Sun and Snow

Just read Christine Duncan's post on photographing pets and the challenges that can bring. So I decided to share a few shots on this topic. A friend and great photographer Phil has a couple of dogs, Storm a black and Ziggy a yellow Lab.  I remember the first time we did this last summer Phil asked if  I wanted a challenge. At first  I figured he was talking about a couple of dogs that love to chase a ball and so we would be dealing with speed. The real challenge was which dog do you focus and get exposure on and how do you do that with out under or overexposing the other dog. So we decided to step it up a notch an go out on a bright sunny day after a snow fall. I admit that I have lots to learn and theses are not the best shots by any means but I wanted to share the results and hopefully we can all learn some new skills.

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