Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Top Picks of 2013

Did a scan through my pictures of 2013,
 these are the ones that got the most 
comments, likes or just the ones that I liked best.
(clicking on the pictures will open up a full size slideshow)

Taken at the Belfountain Conservation area after the ice storm
that went through Ontario just before Christmas.
Full album can be seen HERE

This was taken just west of Sprucedale towards Parry Sound, Ontario
Full album can be seen HERE

A Collection of Fall Pictures around Orangeville and Dufferin County.
More can be seen HERE

Remembrance Day in Orangeville.

Just before Christmas a significant Ice Storm hit South Central Ontario. 
After the destruction the sun came out and there was some great photo opportunities.
More shots HERE

Some more after the Ice Storm 

Shot last winter with fellow photog Phil Karklins
This is his sister who was great to work with and never complained about the cold. 
Rest of the shots HERE

One of my favorite artists, the very talented Justin Hines
If you have not heard him then you need to check him out. 
Managed to get to his CD Release party at Hugh's Room 
in Toronto. Get band and night of music.
Full Albums HERE and HERE

One of the Highlights and attractions each year in Orangeville
Always a great weekend of music.
More shots HERE and HERE

This was a storm that we got in June. I was out taking pictures and was about to head home when the clouds started to clear as the storm continued to move out.
Full Album HERE

Spent a week at my in-laws where they have quite a flower garden 
which is very popular with the Humming Birds. 
Lots more Shots HERE

The nice thing about being up north and away from the city lights, lots of star pictures
Check HERE for more

Another shot from the Fall collection
Full Albums HERE

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ice Storm December 2013

This past week Ontario was hit with a large ice storm causing major power outages for several days in some areas. After a few days of freezing rain the sun came out which provided some great photo opportunities. These were taken in the Orangeville Area, Dufferin County.  
(Clicking on a picture will open a full size slideshow)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Rest - Beckah Shae, Lyrics and Pictures

One of a few videos I have put together for the 
weekly Womens program at 
This great song is by Beckah Shae that they asked me to 
put some of my pictures to.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Forks Of The Credit | SNAPnCAPTURE | Central Counties Tourism Photo Contest

My Picture below is in the top 3 of a photo contest for the Central Counties Tourism. 
The prize is a Canon T5i and lens.
You can vote once per day per email address.
 Check the link below and place your votes.
Thanks All