Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Orangeville Fall Fair Photo Contest

This was my second year of entering some pictures in the Orangeville fall Fair photo contest. These are the ones that I placed in. 

Fall Foliage 1st Place

Unique Clouds 1st Place

Never to be Seen Again 2nd Place ( although it would be nice to see it again)

Silhoutte 2nd Place ( I know he is a little centered but it still worked)

Speed Shot 3rd Place (My son tubing)

These next three were in a group that showed
 Dufferin County At It's Best 
 1st Place
  Orangeville Blues and Jazz       (for more pics click here)

             Canada Day     (for more pics click here)

                 Town Hall During Founders Fair    (for more pics click here)

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  1. If you keep this pace up, you will need a whole room for your ribbons!